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Hi, my name is Katie Raasch. I am the owner/operator of Heartland Ranch LLC out of Rothsay, MN. This is where I offer Horse Training, Boarding and Equine/Canine Mas- sage. I first went to college at North Dakota State University for Vet Tech/Equine Science for two years. I then transferred and graduated in 2012 with an AAS in Equine Science from Minnesota Community and Technical College in Fergus Falls, MN. I graduated with academic honors and am now a member of the advisory board for the program as well as helping with the college’s Equine Club-EquiUs. I have been active and working in the Equine Industry for 13 years from riding horses, working in barns and at horse shows, being barn manager to fulfilling my personal dream of owning my own business.

In early 2014, I added Equine Massage to my business. I received my certification from Leda Mox at Armstrong Equine Massage and now have Canine Massage under my belt as well. I have always had animals in my life from cats to gerbils to dogs and horses. I live on a farm where I run my personal business as well as operate a family- owned crop farm and raise beef cattle. There is no lack of animals in my world. I currently have four horses, one mini colt (Buster), two Quarter horse mares (Holly & Foxy) and one Percheron gelding (Bill). I also spoil four large dogs, a male and female Tibetan Mastiff (Hagrid & Ryder), a male Cane Corso (Django) and a very sweet female Saint Bernard (Ava). Well too many cats to list even though they are all named. All my animals keep me busy from training, going to dog shows, daily care, and massaging: Life on the farm. Each and every day, I learn something knew from my animals and I know in this industry one will never know it all. I count my blessings daily
and I know I am living a dream helping others through animals.

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