Canine Massage


At Armstrong Canine Massage Program, the art of Canine Massage is taught in order for us to help all dogs be free of muscular discomfort and/or pain in order to enable them to do all they enjoy in life to the fullest.

Whether it’s agility, hunting, Dog Shows, playing in the yard, going for walks, sitting on your lap or just enjoying retirement.

All Dogs are truly athletes, and like athletes, a little massage goes along way. The benefits of massage to our senior dogs are tremendous as well. Massage helps stimulate those old muscles that no longer get the use they once did and help loosen them up for easier mobility. Dogs benefit in the same way humans do through massage and we want to share that with them.

We take pride in focusing on Empathy, Compassion and Safe Gentle Care of our four legged friends. Together and/ or working with your Veterinarian, Canine Chiropractor, or Dog Trainer we strive to help your dog achieve the utmost well-being and health through Massage. After all….It’s All About the Dog!

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Canine Muscles:

  1. Levator Nasolabialis – dilates nostrils & raises upper lip.
  1. Scutularis- fixes and pulls the scutiform cartilage (ears) rostrally.
  1. Brachiocephalicus – draws limb forward– if leg is planted draws neck and head to side.
  1. Trapezius – elevates the limb and draws it forward.
  1. Latissimus Dorsi – draws limb forward and possibly laterally, support the limb. Draw limb against trunk.
  1. Gluteus – extends hip joint and assists medial rotation.
  1. Tensor Fascia Latae – flexes hip joint, abducts limb and extends stifle.
  1. Semitendinosus – extends hip and tarsal joints.
  1. Biceps Femoris –extends hip and stifle joints.
  1. Obliques –compresses abdominal viscera during urination, defecation and parturition
  1. Pectoral – it adducts and retracts the forelimb
  1. 12. Extensors –extends leg
  1. Tricep – maintaining the elbow at an extended position as the dog stands.
  1. Deltoid – flexion of the shoulder
  1. Masseter– raises mandible when closing the mouth.
  1. Sternohyoideus –pulls tongue and larynx caudally– swallowing
  1. Sternomastoideus – draws the head & neck to one side

Pictures from the MN Dog Expo