What is Equine Massage Therapy?

Equine Massage Therapy uses a variety of massage techniques and strokes to stimulate blood flow to different areas of the body. This encourages blood flow and brings in oxygen and other nutrients, at the same time removing lactic acid build up and eliminating other metabolic waste from the body. This encourages injured muscles to heal, and healthy muscles to stay flexible and pain free.

    I use nothing but my hands to feel the muscle tension. This is a non-invasive and very powerful therapy. I customize each massage to each individual horse, but at the same time massaging the whole body from head to hoof.

    Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. We work closely with you, your vet, chiropractor, and farrier to benefit the whole horse.

Why Would Your Horse Need a Massage?

    If your horse is having these issues, he is trying to tell you he needs one sooner rather than later!

  1. Bucking

  2. Refusing to pick up the correct lead

  3. Head tossing

  4. Difficulty with lateral movements

  5. Girthing problems / Cold Backed

  6. Attitude changes

  7. ”Off” for no apparent reason …to name a few.

    All horses can benefit from a massage, from older horses that are not being used, to top performance horses at any level.

    Horses that start an exercise routine or that are in training get sore just like we do when starting an exercise program!

Our program covers:

     – Massage

     – Stretching

     – Saddle fitting

     – Horse handling

     – Anatomy

     – Biomechanics

     – Essential oils

     – Marketing, legal,Insurance

     – Chiropractor demo

     – Vet talk

     – Farrier talk

     – Nutrition

Equine Massage Therapy

Equine Massage Services, Clinics, and Certification Program

Whether you want to pamper your pet, or ask a lot of your athlete, we are here to help!!

Armstrong Equine Massage is a hands on program that teaches you how to feel and identify sore muscles in a variety of horses. We talk about the whole horse, from head to hoof.  This is not just a 4 day program. We provide support and mentoring all along the way. You may also attend the program again at no cost if you so choose. Here are some up coming dates. You must pre-register, limited spots available.  Located in Becker, MN.

Contact Us:

Armstrong Equine Massage, LLC

Phone: 763 – 219 – 7517

E-mail: Armstrongequinemassage@gmail.com