Essential Oils

Why do we use essential oils in massage therapy?

Essential oils and massage therapy go hand in hand.  By applying safe dilutions of therapeutic grade oils to an animal’s musculature, we enhance the physical act of massage by encouraging the body to respond appropriately.  We will use different oils depending upon what we’re trying to accomplish, but they help to increase blood flow, relax tense muscles, and cool and ease pain in joints and ligaments to name a few outcomes.  Essential oils simply come alongside of what the body is trying to accomplish and assist in that process.

Why Young Living essential oils?

Young Living is the only essential oils company that guarantees the supervision of the oil from its seed form to when it’s delivered to your doorstep.  They call this their “Seed to Seal Promise” and it ensures the purity and safety of their product.  Young Living oversees every step of this process and this is why they can guarantee an excellent product.  Armstrong Equine is dedicated to the safety of you and yours and that’s why we only trust the best, and that’s Young Living.

EO’s aren’t just for massage therapy

Although essential oils are used extensively in massage therapy, they are incredibly versatile in their usefulness.  You can apply them topically, diffuse into the air, add them to food and beverages, make cleaning solutions with them, and use them for medicinal purposes to name a few.  They’re an all natural solution to innumerable household and lifestyle quandaries.

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