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 Whether you want to pamper your pet or ask a lot of your athlete, Armstrong Equine Massage is here to help!!

Our Mission:

Provide you with an opportunity to learn the art of Armstrong Equine Massage. Develop your touch and recognition of sore muscles in equine athletes. Build your confidence and enable you to apply these skills to any horse or canine massage in Minnesota surrounding areas. Enhance communication between Massage Therapist, horse owner and other equine professionals, better serving the whole horse.

Armstrong Equine Massage Therapy - Horse and Canine Massage Services

Armstrong Equine Massage Services - Horse Dog Canine Massage Therapy Minnesota MN North Dakota ND Wisconsin WIArmstrong Equine Massage Therapy - Horse Canine Dog Massage Services Minnesota MN North Dakota ND Wisconsin WI

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Armstrong Equine Massage Class Reviews Horse Canine Dog Therapy Training Service Minnesota MN North Dakota ND Wisconsin WI

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Armstrong Equine Massage - horse therapy canine dog massage therapist Minnesota MN North Dakota ND Wisconsin WIAbout Instructor, Leda Mox:

  • Bachelor’s degree from University of Minnesota in Equine Science
  • Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Since 1997
  • Certified Equine Kinesiology Tape Instructor
  • Teaching Equine Massage to horse owners for 15 years
  • Founded the Armstrong Equine Massage Certification Program in 2013
  • Approved Provider for Continuing Education Credits through NCBTMB
  • Specializing in Horses for over 20 years!
  • Expanding professional services for canine dog massage therapy as well

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