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Amber Dargis is a dedicated member of the veterinary field. After receiving her Associates in Veterinary Technology she pursued her passion in caring for animals as a lead technician at a small animal clinic in Osseo, MN. The years spent there created room for growth and further development but realizing there was something missing she turned back to her love of large animals; where she now uses that passion to care for many patients at the University of Minnesota Large Animal Facilities.

When Amber is not working, she spends her days studying to complete her Bachelors in Veterinary Technology Management and Equine nursing specialty and squeezes in time for her husband and their two pets. When getting the time to be with her husband, Levi, the two of them enjoy many outdoor activities such as boating, snowmobiling, and running together. Outside of the home and work days Amber also, maintains a running club and is a regional contact for American Association of Equine Technicians and Assistants.

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