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Additional Customer Testimonials on Armstrong Massage Therapy Services. Read our Reviews here and on Armstrong Equine Massage’s Facebook pageConsider becoming a canine or equine massage therapist? Their is an increasing demand for massage services.

Our Mission:

Provide you with an opportunity to learn the art of Equine Massage. Develop your touch and recognition of sore muscles in equine athletes. Build your confidence and enable you to apply these skills to any horse. Enhance communication between Massage Therapist, horse owner and other equine professionals, better serving the whole horse.

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5 Stars

Jacquie Lee McColloch Goedel Saint Francis MN

5 Stars

Amy Hugget .

***** 5 Stars

Morgan Schmidt Echo MN

***** 5 Stars

Mary Gardinier .

5 Stars!

Mikayla Fitzpatrick Crookston MN

5 Stars

Jeni Esgar Mackenthun .

5 Stars

Lexi Arlt .

This was an awesome program.

Stacy Lumley Gilman WI

Amazing program and Leda is such a great teacher.

Rebecca Cincoski East Bethel MN

Being just a horse owner, not working in the equine field, I took this program to learn more about my horses. Thinking that if I understood them better I would be more comfortable around them. Not only did I learn how to do Equine Massage, I learned so much more. Things I would have never thought of asking or looking into. Leda is a great teacher and I am very thankful that she has started this program to help people like me, just a basic horse owner, learn and understand more about their horses. I noticed I feel more comfortable around my horses because I feel I can relate more to them, their reactions, triggers, movement, and "signs" that they share with us. I would recommend this to anyone. If you want to get into equine massage or just to understand your horse better.

Jennifer Halpause . MN

Leda is such a strong and inspirational instructor! You can see how much passion, pride, and time she has spent into making this program one worth every penny you put!

Sara Froslie Roshsay MN

The Armstrong equine massage program is a very strong, well organized program. Leda Mox is an excellent instructor with a wealth of experience. Leda is very sophisticated in her knowledge of equine anatomy, massage therapy and wellness. She also exhibits patience and inclusion while teaching. It is evident that she is very passionate about equine massage and how it can enrich horses and there guardians lives. The Armstrong program is well planned and structured to be very intuitive with a brief overview then jumping right in with hands on practice. Leda ensures that there is one on one time included in the hands on and mentors students as they work to absorb the concept. Leda facilitates a classroom portion that fosters meaningful discussion, information sharing and testimonials from experience. Along with all that, the curriculum also includes class time with professionals including veterinarians, chiropractors and farriers. Hearing the views from equine health professionals really tied it all together for me.

Leda’s teaching style, along with the structure and content of the curriculum makes the concept and information easy to learn and retain. I would recommend the Armstrong equine massage program to anyone interested in this field.

Catherine Master Nowthen MN

I've learned so much in those 4 days it was amazing! A little overwhelming at first but it literally falls all together in the last 2 days! Such a welcoming place and people 🙂 I've learned a lot about horses, dogs, and myself. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Kaylyn Irwin   MN

Leda radiates a passion for teaching, horses, animals, and most importantly her students. Lesson time with Leda is a guaranteed antidote for stress, the blues, or tension. We need more Leda’s in the world!!!

Lori Keller Becker MN

5 Stars! Review from Facebook - January 7th, 2014

Angie Schneider Minneapolis MN
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